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January 5, 2013
By YoungLibertarian BRONZE, Waunakee, Wisconsin
YoungLibertarian BRONZE, Waunakee, Wisconsin
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Monetary success does not come from the willingness to work, but rather from the willingness to work to innovate.

Personal Platform - Overview

Note: My personal platform does not extend to solely these ideas. Ideas may vary from individual to individual; this is not a summary of every libertarian's beliefs.

Role of Government -

Government exists to fulfill two roles: it must protect our personal liberties, including freedom of choice, as well as serve as a means for providing emergency services mutually agreed upon by the people. The government is granted power by the people, and it has no right to extend or remove the rights of selected individuals. The role of government is extremely simple; however, it has expanded to far more than it should be.

Vision of Government -

Other than the partisan divide currently splitting Washington, the structure of government is fine. However, I envision it consisting solely of the basic services necessary to protect our freedom and person. Federal and state governments would be extremely simple, consisting of legislative, executive, and judicial branches that strive to protect the personal freedom of choice that the United States was founded upon. Other branches of government would include agencies such as the CIA and FBI, which are tasked with the country/state safe as well as free of crime.

Regulation -

While freedom should be highly valued, regulation must exist in order to prohibit one individual from infringing upon the rights of another. This is the only instance in which regulation should be employed; however, it can extend to products and services through which one individual could indirectly harm another. Regardless of a supposed "common good" of a proposed regulation, it should not exist if its only effect is the restriction of the choices of an individual that only affect themselves.

Freedoms -

The freedoms currently extended by our Constitution should be upheld. Government shall not utilize its power granted by the people in order to force a citizen to accept the infringing of freedom by the government due to personal fear. This applies particularly to police and other criminal investigation agencies.

Personal Platform - Issues

Gay Marriage -

Gay marriage should be legalized as the government has no power to restrict the choices that a citizen makes regarding their sexual orientation. The ability to marry is extended to all citizens regardless of the particular partnership. The legalizing of gay marriage should be applied at a federal level, if possible. This could be done through simple legislation or a constitutional amendment.

Second Amendment -

The right to bear arms is extended to all citizens who prove themselves to be mentally able to fulfill the high level of responsibility required to own, maintain, and utilize a deadly weapon. The right to bear arms is unrestricted on all public property; however, owners of private property have the right to restrict or allow deadly weapons in any capacity they choose.

Entitlement Programs -

Entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security should not exist in government. Instead, citizens may keep the money they pay in taxes to support these programs and redirect it towards the self-payment of costs once covered by the particular entitlement program. While the programs should eventually cease to exist, the need for a gradual phasing-out should be acknowledged.

Taxation -

The government should apply a flat rate tax upon the income of each citizen and/or company or corporation that earns and possesses money that is paid to no particular individual. Different tax brackets are inherently unfair, and because of the impracticality of a flat tax (non-percentage) a flat rate tax should be implemented. In order to simplify the tax system, only income should be taxed, nothing else. Tax loopholes and exemptions should not exist, as by doing this, the government is favoring one citizen over another. This is contrary to the founding idea that all men are created and will remain equal in terms of treatment by the government. All citizens will pay the same rate, all corporations will pay the same rate, and so on. This rate will be determined based upon the expenditures of the government (each level). Through its taxation, the government should plan on maintaining a surplus that is saved for national emergencies.

Military/Defense -

Defense means defense. Currently, our military is operating well beyond the capacity at which it should be allowed. The military shall protect United States citizens residing in the United States; however, if a United States citizen becomes endangered in some other part of the world, the military should assist in any way possible, whether it be through the sending of a special military unit or the contacting of a military ally more closely involved in the area of the citizen in question. All overseas should be ended immediately, as both the money of taxpayers and lenders is being spent in order to attempt to rectify problems that do not pertain to United States citizens. While world peace and prosperity would be great, the United States government must realize that it cannot solve the issues of others for them. A problem is best resolved between the groups in which the conflict relates. Following this concept was the avenue in which the United States was formed - the American colonists defeated the British. Attempting to solve the problems of others is almost like putting them at a level below us. They are equally capable at solving problems as we are.

Foreign Aid -

The United States government should not extend aid to any foreign country or individual. While the government should reserve the right to utilize the military in order to assist an ally with a conflict directly pertaining to the United States, the government should not simply offer aid for the general benefit of a country. This can be left to individuals or charitable groups. The government should not utilize taxpayer dollars in order to act as a world charity. If they wish, citizens can redirect those dollars to private charitable groups. If implemented, this idea should not be perceived as a selfish one; however, it should be perceived as a statement of confidence in all the other relief organizations that exist.

The author's comments:
I finally decided to put my unique political platform into writing. I will eventually follow this up with writing on more specific issues.

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on Aug. 11 2016 at 3:03 pm
rosepetal413 BRONZE, Vienna, Virginia
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"The mind is a beautiful thing. A universe all to yourself."

LOVE this!! I also identify as a libertarian. I have never met another teenager with libertarian views. I love how your article makes libertarianism, often an misunderstood ideology, more accessible to the public.


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