My Opinion On Gay Marriage

December 27, 2012
Gay marriage is a largely debated topic in America today. And one thing that strikes me about this is that it is rather ridiculous that it is discussed so much. Because really, who we marry is nobody's business. 
By making a law on gay marriage, the goverment is trying to control something very personal and special: love. If who we love becomes controlled by the goverment, this nation will be deemed entirely disfunctional. 
Those who read this may either be married, have a boyfriend/ girlfriend or at least have a crush. Imagine if it was against the law to commit your love to them. That, not marrying someone of the same sex, is the real crime. 
I think that people should be allowed to marry the one they love, whether that person is a man or a woman. Because if we kill love, the Earth will not be able to thrive for long. 

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