The Last Chance

December 31, 2012
When 2012, is soon going to be vanished, instead of waiting around for another year, let’s remember and embrace what this year has brought upon us. The laughs that we designated, the secrets that we betrayed, the moments that we shared, and the stories that we made, is what made this year 2012.

Wdidn't’t know what to expect when we counted down that clock on New Years Eve, watching the ball drop. We also didn’t know if this was going to be an impact on our lives. But, all we could do in that moment was sit down for the ride.

Not only did we create and shared moments of a life time, but we made a brand new beginning. And, the best part of New Years Eve; it’s the one holiday that we can make into a completely new slate. So what are you waiting for, lets count down with our friends and family, and celebrate every moment of 2012. Because when that ball goes all the way down. We will be opened to a new year of 2013.

Not just 2013, a new year, but also a new slate. A do over.

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