The Method of Freedom

December 5, 2012
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The scientific method calls for a simple three parts: hypothesis, experiment, and analysis. Our hypothesis, in the United States, stems from the documents of John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. The experiment, the American Experiment, is a bit more complicated than mere words and ideas. The inner-workings of this experiment are guided, yet unguided. Its gears are God’s creation, endowed with the capability to reason and choose what we want for ourselves. Choice is the key to this experiment. Our guide down the path to prosperity. Choice is going to a voting station and submitting a ballot representing the manifestation of our reason.

Each and every ballot is a signal that, as humans, we reject control on a worldly level. The lack thereof results in the American Spirit and the American Dream. Two ideal concepts embodied in heavily pragmatic logic. The American Spirit is the willpower to create what has not been created before, to achieve what was once considered impossible, to experience what aristocratic Europe could never conceive -- exponential progress. Progress that the American Dream takes hold of and releases to the masses. The Dream is not a pink flamingo next to a white picket fence, nor a brand new car which puts the Joneses to shame. This Dream is anything an American citizen wants it to be. This Dream is the answer to the question, “What do I want to do with my life?”

However, our Spirit and Dreams did not come overnight. They were not handed to us by an authority figure in some distant palace. Each Spirit was earned by the blood of our forefathers and by the continued support of the American citizenry. The manifolds of our Dreams realized by the “Great Choice” that Jesus left on the cross. My vote is the only safeguard against tyranny. It is the only energy source that drives the gears of this great experiment. It represents the hope that this experiment will never need an analysis.

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