Successful Individuals Penalized with High Taxes

November 30, 2012
By rbartelson BRONZE, Nashotah, Wisconsin
rbartelson BRONZE, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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Dear Mr. President:

As you assume your role as the leader of the land of the free, you take on the countless issues that come with it. One of the most controversial topics is whether or not taxes should be raised on the wealthy. As you consider this matter, think about how you have arrived at this place in your life. The president of the United States of America is considered distinguished, admirable, and honorary. However, in order to obtain this status, you worked hard. Whether you worked for pride, appreciation, or money doesn’t matter. What matters is that you earned it, as many Americans have earned their good fortunes. Taking away what they have earned for the sake of others, whether they need it or not, is not a power that should be given to the government.
The United States of America is a very wealthy nation. Although this wealth may not be evenly distributed, most people who have more than what they need are quite generous in their donations to charities and other organizations to help those who have less. Every year, millionaires across the country donate incredible sums of money to charities that help those who are most in need. According to, the American Red Cross organization received over $2 billion in donations in 2011. The most amazing aspect of these donations is that they are totally voluntary. No government intervention forces wealthy people to give up their hard earned money to help someone who doesn’t have a job or medical care.
When you think of taxing the wealthy as charity and the rich coming to the aid of the poor, the concept seems simple. But in reality, charity only goes so far. When donations run out government feels they need to step in and demand more money from the people they consider rich. In my opinion Mr. President, this is not the government’s place to interfere. Americans see many advertisements and articles about how ‘people are incapable of taking care of themselves,’ and asking ‘how can the millionaires be so selfish?’ Robert Reich of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote “The gap in incomes has been widening for three decades. The rich are far richer than they used to be and the rest of us are getting poorer.” What Mr. Reich and the majority of the media fail to mention is the fact that many of the poor choose not to work. Getting a job is a challenge. Going to work every day isn’t an easy task—that’s why it’s called work. Wouldn’t a government, standing in front of you with arms full of welfare and social security, seem so appealing? You wouldn’t have to work yet you would have the things you need to survive.
As a united nation, we have protection and security through our government. As individuals, we should be responsible for ourselves. This is why Mr. President, taxes should not be raised on the wealthy but instead be equal for all people. One small group of hard-working and wealthy individuals is not responsible for the financial affairs of a large portion of the population.

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