Reform America's Educational System

November 30, 2012
Dear Mr. President,
Your upcoming term will bring many new opportunities for the United States, including revising current education plans and standards in our country. As a student, I would like to see all children attending public schools have the same opportunities. Excellent schools should include the following: dropout prevention programs, great teachers, and alternatives for struggling students.

Teachers: some of the most important people in America are not given the best privileges. According to, the best way to welcome these talented individuals is by giving them rewards for being outstanding teachers. Funding states that have already enacted or are planning to implement these programs will be your job. Continuing to encourage and support some of our nation’s greatest leaders will lead to success in the public school system.
A major issue in America is the arising amount of people that currently do not have a high school diploma or GED. Every school day 7,000 teenagers drop out of high school. ( To prevent current students from dropping out, schools should be required to implement a program that: assess students’ sense engagement and belonging at school, collect and update student data (absences, behavior, and academic performance), and recognizing and organizing interventions for potential drop out students. ( Keeping American teenagers in school will bring new opportunities for our country, including many more educated young individuals that have the chance to attend a technical school or college after high school.
Struggling students that are attending a failing school should have alternatives that allow them to succeed. Allowing special needs and poor students to attend a school that is funded by the government would encourage them to continue their education. Meeting the needs of these underprivileged students is very overdue- they are not receiving the same opportunities as students who excel in school. The issues they have should not set them back in matters of where they are going to attend and receiving the help they want and need to succeed.
These three initiatives should be incorporated into every public school in America. Raising our countries standards in the public school system will encourage students to graduate from high school and continue their education through technical schools or universities. Creating a well-educated country should be one of your main goals as president. Through decreasing dropout rates, encouraging our already outstanding teachers, and providing alternatives for struggling students our educational system in America will be adjusted for the better.

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ConstanceContraire said...
Dec. 11, 2012 at 3:26 pm
Interesting article you should read mine it discusses some of what you stated 
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