Dear Mr. President

November 30, 2012
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Americans are always striving to improve. We do our best to find new and better ways to stay on top. Whether it’s recycling, saving energy, or inventing tools to make life easier, Americans are always willing. To help make this world better, I believe allowing medical marijuana in a pill form should be legal in order to help the ill be relieved of pain.

The Controlled Substance Act (CSA) placed in 1970 banned the usage of drugs. Under this, the manufacturing, importation, possession, usage and distribution of certain substances are against the law. Now, those in pain that once were relieved were stripped of medical marijuana. Due to CSA, the people that once used medical marijuana are now forced to take prescription drugs to ease their pain.

More than a dozen of states and the District of Columbia fought against the CSA and now have legalized the use of medical marijuana in pill form within their state. They were able to do this with the help of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the national institute of Health and Human Services, “The FDA is a government agency that is responsible for making sure that medications are safe and effective. They do this by studying each and every medication, making sure that the benefits of the medicine are greater than any possible harmful effects.” If medications are not approved by the FDA, they are not allowed to be prescribed or sold as medicine within the U.S. If the pill forms of medical marijuana passed the FDA tests and is now legal in dozens of states, why can’t it be legal throughout the United States as a whole?

Medical marijuana, in pill form, should be legalized throughout the United States to help the ill. It was approved by the FDA for more than a dozen states, and then it must be safe and beneficial.

I would only allow the legalization of the pill form, though, because when marijuana is smoked the chemicals go straight to the lungs causing cancer and many illnesses usually leading to death. By using the pill form of medical marijuana it allows the THC, the main chemical within marijuana that heals and eases pain, to be the main substance. Therefore, the ill are relieved of pain safely without smoking it. So let’s make a change for the better and relieve the pain in our nation.

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