Blue Jays

December 2, 2012
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?It was the daily routine, go to work, be annoyed, go home, try to find a TV show that wasn’t based on anger towards a particular human being, and fail at it. The only times Buddy felt free was when he was watching his favorite animal, the Blue Jay, or writing about his observations. He understood that he would never be "important." He was okay, in fact, he was happy that he wasn’t "important." He hated the very idea of importance, that is, what society said about it, at least. He was told that the economy was important, the weather, age expectancy. He was told that the Earth was warming, slowly, and that it was important. Importance is not shared, and Buddy understood that more than anyone.
?Now, Buddy can't even remember a time in his life that wasn’t surrounded by bad thoughts and negative feelings. Buddy knows it's great that people are working toward finding out what is happening to the earth, because it's important to them. Just as it's important for the angry people on the television screen to, well, stay angry.
?For Buddy, it isn't about money, or how long he will live, or if anybody finds out when the world will end. For Buddy, what is important is happiness, and for the 84 years that he has been alive, he hasn’t seen much. For Buddy, what make him happy are birds. The world needs more Buddys.

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