Dear Mr. President

November 30, 2012
By Jared Bostrom BRONZE, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Jared Bostrom BRONZE, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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Dear Mr. President,
7.9%. That’s the percent of Americans who are out of work. The current state of the economy is in disarray. People are starting to give up on searching for a job. When Americans start to give up on their own economy, it is an immediate call for change. If current job trends continue, our unemployment rate will continue to increase and Americans who haven’t given up already will begin to. Our jobs aren’t just disappearing, there going overseas. Policies must be put in place to protect our jobs and to further the prosperity of the American economy. Americans need to feel safe with their job security and need to be assured they will have what they need to provide for their family. There are 12 million Americans unemployed today. Americans aren’t unemployed because they’re lazy, but because they can’t find jobs in the current economy. Actions must be taken to ensure that every willing American has the opportunity to find work, and these actions should be reflected in your domestic policies. Americans want to work, so let them.
The job market is continuing in a downward spiral that must be stopped using your presidential influence. The unemployment rate in the previous few years has hit historical highs, and Americans are suffering from it. The current unemployment rate of 7.9% is far from desirable, and is 3% above the unemployment rate in October of 2007. Unemployment is the determinate of how the job market is performing. Americans are deceived into believing the economy is improving due to the decrease in unemployment percentages. Unemployment has fallen from 8.3% to 7.9% in the past five months; however, the decrease in unemployment percentages is primarily due to the group of people who have completely given up on trying to be employed. Therefore the unemployment percentage drop is actually caused by a negative economic effect. Jobs must be created by decreasing the taxes on the business who create employment. When businesses are taxed at higher rates, they have less incentive to produce, and therefore hire fewer employees. If taxes that were more modest were enforced instead of the current taxes that are overwhelming struggling businesses, those businesses would take more risks, and would hire more employees to help them produce more. American jobs are also being lost to countries overseas. Workers in foreign countries are being given Americans jobs because they are willing to do them for lower wages. In order to protect Americans jobs reasonable tariffs should be set in place to make the U.S. more competitive in the international job market. Also, instead of giving

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Letter to president about unemployment

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