The Pampered Cry Babies… (America)

November 30, 2012
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November 13th, 2012

Mr. President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Northwest Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:
Without welding you wouldn’t have armored cars, the jumbo jet, or the guns to protect you and get you around. And that is why; we need skilled trades such as welder, plumbers, farmers, metal workers, and so on. Today, some people believe computers are better than working with your hands, American’s are losing our jobs, and that getting a job is hard.
Working with your hands…It isn’t a hard subject to grasp, we all do it weather it is with a computer or with something that actually requires skills. Computers, you are allowed to make mistakes…Real life you cannot. Computers fix your mistakes…Real life you have to fix your own mistakes. Computer is a non-tangible object for people to hold…Real life is tangible for you to actually hold. While most people are out there grabbing at what isn’t there, other people like me will be grabbing at what life has to give us.
We are not losing our jobs; there are NO Americans who can fill these positions, such as welding, plumbing, and electrician. Maybe if we “Americans” stop being pampered, selfish beings, (not everyone is), we wouldn’t have this problem. How many times have you heard the phrase “Wash your hands” or “Don’t eat dirt”, this is just the start of the problem. Although being healthy is important and staying clean is “liked” in this second of the millennium, as a child I was told to “Rub some dirt in the cut and keep on playing”. This along with a decent childhood and I am growing up to do a job that no one knows how to or has the guts to do so…So, stay “uber” clean and continue to lose jobs? Or do we do it the “Old fashion way” and tell the American people to suck it up?
Getting a job isn’t hard, depending on the field you attempt to go into; some businesses will accept you in an instant…while others may never look at your application. Depending on your skills and knowledge if you apply at the places right for your skills, you should be a well suited contestant, if not and you apply somewhere where your skills aren’t the best…you are setting yourself up to fail. If you are intelligent enough to skill yourself into the field you would like to go into, getting a job isn’t hard.
We as American’s think that we are entitled to the freedom we inherit…Truth is, if you don’t work for it, to preserve our freedom, you cannot complain when freedom is taken from you. The freedoms that our forefathers have provided for us, can only be fought for by working to prevent them from perishing, NOT by hoping someone else will get their hands dirty for you. Let’s get America back on track and tell the younger generations that they can only make it…if they work for it.

Justin Ryun, Average student willing to get his hands dirty

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