Would You Fund Saving Lives?

November 30, 2012
By Mallory Seaton BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Mallory Seaton BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear Mr. President,
Disease and death are common tragedies. But what if we could change that? Would you fund the research?
I think the federal government should fund stem cell research. I think this is an important step in science and it should be ensured funding to continue the research that could save lives.
Stem cells are most abundantly found in fetuses. Stem cells could lead scientists to find cures for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Cancer. This research could be used to save millions of lives not only in our own country but also around the world.
Donna Quirke Hornik was born on July 20, 2005. “Donna died on October 19, 2009. She was four years, two months, four weeks, and one day old.” says Mary Tyler, Donna’s mother on her blog at www.chicagonow.com. She spent most of her short life going through treatment and coming to the realization that she was going to die. Doctors, parents, and friends tried to lift her up and support her so she would heal. But she never did. Could her fate have been different if medical science was more advanced? Would her parents be living day after day without their daughter if Donna had more effective treatment options?
Donna’s fate cannot be changed. But millions of other children’s fates can. With government support scientists can develop the technology to utilize stem cells to their full potential.
I know there is some speculation on whether or not stem cell research is morally correct. But scientists have found ways to retrieve cells without killing any babies. They can get stem cells from adults, the umbilical cord, the placenta, and from bone marrow without harming the person they are coming from. With ensured funding from the federal government, scientists can perfect these methods of retrieving cells in a morally correct way and develop the technology to use the stem cells to find treatments and even cures for many diseases.
If the federal government does not set aside money for scientists and organizations to use for stem cell research and develop the technology to use the stem cells, medical advancement cannot be ensured.
Stem cell technology can change the world. Currently, people are dying of diseases that do not have cures or effective treatments. With the development of stem cell technology these people’s lives can be saved. It just needs funding. Donna’s life could not be saved, but millions of other children’s can.

Mallory Seaton

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