A Crumbling Economy

November 30, 2012
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Dear Mr. President,

A strong financial condition is the backbone of a countries success. One of the biggest political issues in the upcoming election is the economy. There are many factors that have contributed to our debt. Important factors include: unemployment, taxes, and especially the National Debt. These issues can all be fixed in a period of time, however, no one knows exactly how long. That is why you need to implement certain policies that will help us eventually recover from this economic crisis.

Recent unemployment statistics recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows unemployment for October 2012 at 7.9%. Although it seems like a small number compared to recent years, it is still too high. This statistic does not take into account the number of people that have had their unemployment benefits expire and have stopped looking for a job. As a comparison, the lowest unemployment rate the United States has had since 2000 is 3.9%, which occurred in 2000, and the highest is 10.0%, which happened in 2009.

The main reason that the unemployment rate is so high is because our economy is not healthy. We spend more money than we bring in. And raising taxes will not solve this issue. We need to cut spending. Regardless of how many well deserving programs there are, we simply cannot afford to continue down the path of “Big Government”. People are not happy with paying high percentage tax rates to cover for the governments reckless spending and unnecessary reforms.
The previous two factors both contribute heavily to the national debt, which as of now is near 16 trillion dollars—that is out of control. We need to slowly start repaying this. Keyword: Slowly. We cannot simply solve the problem of the national debt by taxing the rich a higher percentage than the poor or the middle class, it’s simply not fair or right. We want to encourage success. In order to encourage success, you cannot continue to heavily tax the rich and give rebates to people not paying any taxes at all. Everyone should have to pay into the system, otherwise, all it does is encourage class warfare. I can’t understand your statements to pay “your fair share,” who are you to tell someone who has worked to be successful what is fair?
In addition, another huge factor going that is going to incorporate into the national debt is the National Healthcare Law. The United States Departments of Health and Human Services reported that the bill would increase total national health expenditures by more than $200 billion from 2010 to 2019. This is the exact opposite of what we need. We do not need to be spending this much money right now in a floundering economy that is not operating off of a balanced budget.
I believe that making changes through these political issues will help advance our country and I hope that you take some of my suggestions into consideration. Good luck in your upcoming term. Thank you for your time.


Sam Fredman

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