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November 26, 2012
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If you regularly follow the social media, you must have known that how our traditional media is under the attack of criticism from social media users over many issues. Currently they are taunted over there ignorance over the issue of maassacres of rohingya muslims in Burma. Every body I see is posting about the negligence of our government on this issue. Everybody is trying to realize you how important it is for you to raise your voice over this issue. Happenings in Burma are clear violation of human rights and there surely is a need to raise voice so that innocent people can be saved. There is a need for muslim countries and United nations to do whatever possible to stop this. But though i`ve nothing against these people on social media raising the issue of Burma and abusing media and Pakistan government, I do have some questions...

Since my childhood I have been seeing the protests and rallies supporting the kashmiris. I have seen all religious parties speaking for the freedom of Kashmir. I have heard Ulemas urging the people in mosques to go for a Jihaad in Kashmir. Well there is a confusion about how much right do Pakistan have to claim Kashmir and what do the people of kashmir want but I have no problem with all these people speaking for kashmiris. But still I have some questions...

Baluchistan is the largest of the four provinces of Pakistan, constituting approximately 44% of its total land mass. This region of our country is full of natural resources. A big share of our national income is courtesy these resources of Baluchistan. The biggest natural gas field in Pakistan is located in Baluchistan. But for last 64 years this province has been the most underpreviliged in Pakistan. They never had their share of those great projects planned for all other provinces of pakistan. At most of the places educational institues are non existent and even if they are present in some regions, they are low in facilities. There exists nothing like law. But how many pages or posts do you see on facebook about rights of baluchistan? How many tweets are there protesting about injustice with Baluchistan?

Now Baluchistan never got the rights it deserved but unfortunately it is not the only problem for Baluchistan. The peole go missing there rather mysteriously and if their relatives are lucky, they will find brutally tortured and bullet-ridden body at maximum. For most of the people even this courtesy of returning the dead body do not happen. And the most shocking and rather sad thing is that all these people are actually going in torture rooms of pakistani agencies and military forces. Though I have great respect and love for my army but unfortunately many incidents have been reported by the national media where Paksitan amy killed protesters and has done many things which do not come under the law. The state agencies do not follow any law and you can never feel safe in baluchistan because it can be your turn any day. And once you are picked by these agencies, safe return is very difficult if not impossible. I recently read a satement of army cheif of Pakistan about solving baluchistan issue politicaly and I hope and wish that this could actually happen. But the question is why all those people criticizing media about burma issue are silent about these things in baluchistan. Do the lives of baluchis are worthless? Where are those people who see people dying in the whole world but can not see people dying in thier own country?

Over 700 Hazaras have been murdered in last few months in baluchistan. Thousands of Hazaras have been permanently disabled by terrorist attacks. No terrorist has ever been brought to justice by the Pakistani Government. Responsibility for most of these attacks has been claimed by outlawed group Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, who have gone as far in their hate preach as declaring the community “wajib-ul-qatl” or deserving of death in their edicts handed out in the Balochistan province. But the security forces have failed to stop these acts for last ten years. And this is what human rights commission of Pakistan has to say on this issue,“HRCP unequivocally condemns the attack and is shocked by the authorities’ inability or unwillingness to act against terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which has repeatedly claimed responsibility for these attacks. The promised probe into the attack must also look into charges of support for the terrorists among the security agencies." And now how many people do you watch on social media raising their voice agisnt it. Where are those religious parties and ulemmas? Why don`t they give fatwas of jihaad aginst those who are killing these hazara people? Why don`t they give fatwas against those people who are killing people in Baluchistan?

Than their is the "City of lights". The life of a common man in karachi is the cheapest thing in the city. The gang wars are common in the city which is called the economic center of Pakistan. You don`t only have to pay tax to government. There are many other gangs who need your money for thier important tasks. Now for years this has been happening with this most important city of Pakistan but how many voices have you heard on social media about these issues. How many political or religious parties have practically done anything for this situation.?

So its my question to all those people blaming eveybody about the negligence in burma issue why don`t they talk about massacres in Bluchistan. Why don`t you speak for hazara people. Why don`t you put pressure on media and government for the peole of Karachi? Why don`t the mullahs, urging the youth to do jihaad in kashmir and in burma, ask thier followers to do jihaad aginst the people killing my countrymen? I`ve seen reports in newspapers about rallies for burma Muslims. This is a good thing because they are our brothers but why their are no rallies for the people of karachi and baluchistan? The religious parties of this coutry regularly organize rallies and marchs for the kashmir. Why are they ignoring their own country? Why are you all genius people on social media not protesting about the massacres in Pakistan? I guess they are busy in rather much important task of defending their political parties. Or they are busy in abusing media.

All these things do not mean that I am against speaking for muslims in burma or speaking for human right violations in kashmir. I sure do have a feeling for these muslims, the brothers of ours. But I can`t stop myself from thinking first for my own country. I always think of Pakistan first. So do care for muslims in Burma, do care for Kashmir, do care for whole world but first do care for your own country. Please save your home first.

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