America's Fall?

November 7, 2012
By Conservative1994 BRONZE, Castle Rock, Colorado
Conservative1994 BRONZE, Castle Rock, Colorado
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"Man is not free unless government is limited"-Ronald Reagan.

What is happening in America? America’s choice to re-elect Barack Obama has shown that Americans are turning their backs on the principles that this country was founded on, and ultimately turning their backs on freedom. This is no longer the United States of America. This is a nation divided and is slowly fading. Liberals believe in principles that make the federal government bigger and more powerful. And now the majority of Americans believe this. The majority of Americans actually believe that the federal government has the responsibility to give them benefits like welfare and food stamps. They believe they are entitled to government programs that will look after their well-being. The ideas of working hard and being successful no longer apply to people anymore. They know if they are lazy and unwillingly to make a life of their own, the government will provide them everything they need. Then you have these same exact people who believe that they are entitled money from people that have worked so hard to earn it. Barack Obama and his liberal allies have made people believe they don’t have to aspire to be great because the government will give them everything. Then after that, they go after the people who have aspired to be great, who are successful, who worked hard for their money, and they say those hard working Americans are the ones who aren’t paying their fair share. What the liberals want to do is take the money that people have earned, and spread it around to the people who don’t contribute a thing to this country. The liberals call it spreading the wealth; the truth is that it is socialism. The belief that a big government can spend its way out of a recession is socialism 101. The belief that the wealthy should give up their wealth in order for everyone to happy is socialism. What happens when there is not any more money to take from the wealthy? Then everyone is suffering and the economy will shatter into pieces. When there is no more money to take from the rich, then the rich will be just like everyone else and nobody will have any money and the government will continue to borrow and spend all this money. This is exactly what is happening in Europe and yet, Americans actually believe this is the right path for America. This is Obama’s vision and he has convinced the majority of the people that his vision is right. At first everything will be great. The government will be providing everything to the people, the wealthy will be paying their fair share, and the big, powerful government will seem like heroes. But then the money will run out. The government will not be able to take any more money from the rich because there will not be any more money to take. Everyone will be out of money from the high taxes, the government will be in massive debt, and thus, the government will no longer be able to provide all these programs like welfare and Medicare. Just remember that a government that is big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. When all of the above happens and the government has we the people enslaved to their programs, they will not give up their power and try to reduce the size of government. The government run by liberals will try to blame everyone that opposes them, which will be a small group of people. They will tell the people the only answer is more government and that is when people will start seeing their freedoms and liberties being taken away. One by one, our freedoms guaranteed by the constitution will disappear, and before people realize what is going, the constitution will be dismantled and the government will control every aspect of our lives. The scariest part of all this is the fact it will happen because of the American people. It will happen because more and more Americans are turning their backs on the principles of our founding fathers. It will happen because so many Americans hang on to every word Obama says and refuse to see him for the socialist coward he really is.

Our founding fathers warned us about the ideologies the left embraces and now the American people are embracing. Every great civilization has its collapse. Abraham Lincoln said that if America were to fall, it would not be because of an outside force, but a force from within. If Americans continue to turn their backs on America’s founding principles of freedom, then America will fall. If everything that I have explained happens, America will no longer be a democracy, America will no longer be a free nation, and if America is no longer a free democracy, then America will no longer exist. The only way America can be restored to its founding principles is if Americans start to wake up and reject these liberal ideas. Americans have to put aside their personal opinion of Obama and wake up to the truth. If this does not happen, then maybe we as Americans don’t deserve the freedoms that our founding fathers fought and died for. God help America.

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I'm afraid of losing my freedoms and i want people to wake up.

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I really like this article I am surprised this didn't make it into the magazine but another article I read did and it wasn't great about a stolen Obama sticker. 


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