Role Of Youth In Ending Corruption

November 1, 2012
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Corruption is very big problem. This is also a reason for the poverty of the countries. Peoples are becoming greedy because they want money and for this they are crossing their limits of bad works.peoples are using different tricks/cheats and they are losing honesty.At this time young peoples needs to beware.

The young peoples have to see coming generation so they should think about the future .They needs to take decision that they want a corruption free environment or not. This is the duty of the young peoples to care about their future. The older generation has accepted defeat. All hopes are pinned on the younger generation. So, they need to be strict, honest, intelligent and good thinker.

We need to use the way of Mahatma Gandhi.

For example: An ant reach to the trunk of the elephant slowly-slowly and it does not make the elephant to know about this. Same the young generation needs to do.

They needs to make a group of some peoples to take some step forward against this problem. We have seen in urban areas that the social workers are taking some extra money to do any work, in fact they are paid monthly income. So, against these problem we should make groups and try to make understand to the peoples. If they watch something bad or unacceptable for the betterment of the society then they should think and try to do something their selves.

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Poulastha Max said...
Oct. 29 at 3:03 am
Nice article .
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