October 22, 2012
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Hydrofracking is the recovery of natural gas deposits in shale formations. The process of high volume hydraulic fracturing uses millions of gallons of water combined with many chemicals to release the natural gas. Hydrofracking may save people money but could be very harmful to the environment. If we do hydrofrack millions of peoples lives will be risked. If the natural gas we are trying to gain gets into our water supply it will harm and may even kill people.

Hydrofracking is often used in areas where there's a lot of shale. Hydrofracking can be dangerous and harmful to our ecological system but at the same time will decrease gas prices. Although we would save money, the concerns hydrofracking would bring us are endless. Frack wastes that return from the wells bring up dangerous quantities of heavy metals and radioactive materials. Hazardous liquids and solid wastes are transported to public roads. Diesel engines, compressor stations, and flaring gives off gases which produce air pollution. Hydrofracking would destroy our environment.

Some people believe that we should not hydrofrack. We cannot choose between energy and water; we need both. The gas trapped in the shale is not going anywhere. So what's the rush? Some people think we should hydrofrack because it would decrease the price of oil. Hydrofracking is a dangerous process that threatens New York’s land, air, water and people.

Hydraulic fracturing would be very risky. If not done right could jeopardize people's lives. In addition, could be very harmful to our environment. Although it would decrease gas prices it should not be done. Do we really want to risk our lives and futures to save money?

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