Global Warming

October 22, 2012
Madi Vogel



Wouldn’t you like to see all the animals that existed in your lifetime be there for when your children are here? When humans run a car of keep a light on, it produces greenhouse gases that are damaging our planet with tremendous force. Just imagine life with more restrictions. Global warming is decimating our environment.

Even though this world is changing very slowly, over time it will change dramatically. Global warming is when the earth gets warmer and warmer over a period of time. Global warming is affecting animals in the North and South Poles such as polar bears. Human activity is the main cause of global warming.
Most significantly, some people don’t believe global warming is real. Well, scientists have given us unequivocal information that global warming is in fact real. Human activity produces heat trapping CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases are a lot harsher than you might think. By just turning off a light helps the planet by not producing heat which then turns into CO2 and destroys earth. It is a vicious cycle and need to be address in a more convincing matter.
There have been extreme weather changes all around the world. For example, in New York we are getting less snow in the winter because this planet is so warm that it can’t produce snow. By cutting down trees and burning fossil fuels, this is rapidly increasing global warming. When I grow older I want my children to see a polar bear and see earth rejuvenated and healthy. We can’t have that unless we come together as one and do little things to help keep and save Mother Nature.
My primary position on this topic is that global warming is real and we need to stop it from increasing. Most of the population in this world believe in global warming and are trying to do little things to help out like recycling. The main point is top do little things to show you do care. In addition, help out now or pay the price later.

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