October 21, 2012
By dom carnibucci BRONZE, Averll Park, New York
dom carnibucci BRONZE, Averll Park, New York
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What would you do if you were a prI'mary terrorist target. Terrorism is horrific because you would keep wondering everyday if the terrorist your country or family. Also in the couple of years over forty terrorist attacks were prevented.

Terrorism affects my life because how do you know terrorist are not targeting the U.S or even Averill Park. Many MuslI'ms are mad with us Americans because of a YouTube video made by people making fun of MuslI'ms. My opinion on this is that I'm mad because first of all why would you make fun of someones religion. Also would you like it if someone made fun you or your race or religion?

Think of all the troops and soldiers fighting terrorist for us. Also Barrack Obama should be concerned because how do you know that terrorist are not targeting the white house. Also some facts on terrorism are that some MuslI'ms are burning some American fast food restaurants. Also I think the country should make a peace treaty promising to have peace with each other. Also terrorists were planning an attack in Benghazi.

So do you change our mind on terrorism? You should be more concerned on the attacks that can and have happened before.

The author's comments:
i race dirt bikes and i care about terrorism.

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