Barack vs. Mitt

October 21, 2012
This election for this year is really crazy. You have Barack Obama for the Democratic and Mitt Romney for the Republican. Now from my point of view I don’t really like politics but I do look at which candidate is going to benefit me and my well-being for the next four years. Mitt Romney’s plan will affect me the most because as a teenage girl yes I make mistakes and that one mistake can lead to a big life changer such as birth control. Romney wants me to pay that out of pocket, that’s crazy! What going to happen with the insurance. Mitt is also going to make it so that I can’t get a job any time soon. When I ask myself these things I wonder if Mitt Romney if thinking of young girls and boys like me or is he just thinking about what’s going to benefit himself. I do say that I agree with Mitt Romney when he says that you will have to work to get money. Well Mitt Romney is not having it! Barack Obama on the other hand is a religious man and I can’t complain much about that, but I feel that religion should give him any more votes than Mitt Romney who expresses no religion. Whoever wins the election this year deserves it. I just hope America chooses the right president.

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G.L.O4ever said...
Oct. 29, 2012 at 5:58 pm
Ok, first of all Mitt Romney shows many more signs of religion than Baraock Obama. Romney has donated millions of dollars to his church and to charity, while Obama wrote a book called "Dreams Of My Father", and in that book he specifically said that if he ever had to choose between the muslims and the christians, he would choose the muslims. And about the birth control. IT IS YOUR JOB TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY NOT THE GOVERNMENTS. The government gets their money from our tax dollars, s... (more »)
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