October 18, 2012
By Conservative1994 BRONZE, Castle Rock, Colorado
Conservative1994 BRONZE, Castle Rock, Colorado
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Brainwashed? That may be a fair way to describe the majority of the people who are voting for Barrack Obama or who support him but are not allowed to vote. As that may be the case, it doesn’t mean it is their fault. People do not just choose to be brainwashed, they are tricked into it. If you are reading this and you support Obama, you may have been brainwashed and lied to by Obama himself and other liberal advocates. I can respect the fact that people support this current President, and in no way am I calling anyone who does idiots for doing so. That is what liberals do to people who do not agree with them. I simply want to make my case as to why Barrack Obama does not and should not deserve the support of the American people. This is a presidency of nothing but failure. This will be explained in terms of his economic failures as well as his foreign policy. As there are more topics that could be explored, the economy and foreign policy are the two biggest issues as of right now.

First of all, we cannot get into the economy without first describing Obama’s only means of defense when his record is attacked: to blame George W. Bush. That is the way he brainwashes people. He knows Bush was very unpopular with the American people, and thus this is the reason people believe him when he says the current economic issues of today are the fault of George W. Bush. But let’s look at the facts shall we? First is the national debt. When Bush left office the national debt was 10.6 trillion dollars. Yes that’s a lot, but today it is at 16 trillion and is projected to be 20 trillion by 2016 if the rate of uncontrollable spending in Washington continues. That means if Obama is re-elected, the debt could reach 20 trillion. Look people, in the eight years Bush was President, he increased the debt by 4 trillion dollars. Obama has increased it by 5.4 trillion and he has only been in office for four years. When Bush left office, the unemployment rate was 7.8%. Now it’s still 78%. 43 straight months under Obama saw an unemployment rate above 8%. And remember, the definition of unemployed means people who are out of work but are still seeking work. Right now, 23 million Americans are out of work, and that includes people who have given up looking all together. If you included those people into the unemployment rate, it would be above 10%. So when Obama tries to tell you that the currents unemployment is now the lowest it has been during his presidency, just remember that he promised it would be below 5.4% by now. That’s right, Obama promised the unemployment rate would be below 6% by 2012, and it’s not. Obama also like to pride himself on the fact that his policies created 5 million new jobs. That is correct, but that’s after losing 5 million jobs, which evens it out. So really there wasn’t much job growth at all. See a trend here? Obama tells the people under him we have 7.8% unemployment—the lowest it has been since Bush took office—but doesn’t tell them about the 43 straight months of 8% and higher unemployment, or the fact that 23 million people cannot find work. Obama tells the people he created 5 million jobs, but doesn’t tell them that’s only after he lost 5 million jobs. This is how he brainwashes his supporters. He gives them misleading information, and they listen and believe without hesitation.

Now it is time for Obama’s foreign policy record. Let’s start with his 2008 promises. He promised to end the war in Iraq in his first month in office. He promised to unite the Middle East and bring more peace to the region. He promised that he would not let Iran develop a nuclear weapon. Well Obama did not end the Iraq War until the second year of his term, that doesn’t sound like a month. He did not unite the Middle East; they are more divided than ever. There is no peace in the region, there is only more violence. Obama also promised to eliminate the threat of Al Queada. Well now Al-Queada is on a dangerous rise and their presence is more obvious now than it has been in years. Obama prides himself on being the main player in the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but the real credit goes to the CIA operatives who spend days on end hunting this man down, and to the Navy Seals who actually carried out the mission. Obama also likes to pride himself on something he helped establish which is known has the Arab Spring. The question is, how is this a good thing? First of all(for those who do not know), the Arab Spring was a series of revolutions throughout the Middle East that had radical Islamists overthrowing other radical Islamists, the Obama Administration supported and used taxpayer dollars to help fund the rebels. The best known examples of these revolutions can be seen in Egypt and Libya. Many people see this as a good thing because many oppressive dictators were overthrown. But again, this is misleading, brainwashing information. What people don’t seem to understand is that these rebel groups happen to be that of the Muslim Brotherhood. A very anti-Israel and very anti-western Islamic group. The best was to put, is that they are all a bunch of soon to be Jihadists. The new President of Egypt is very anti-American, and yet this is a man Obama helped put into power. The website of the Muslim Brotherhood actually talks about destroying America and wiping Israel clean off the map. If you still aren’t convinced on Obama’s foreign policy failures, don’t worry, there is still Libya to be discussed. Remember that Libya was one of the countries that went through revolution as well. So let’s go back to the end of August. Two security teams were taken out of the embassy. Who and why are still questions to be answered. Then, on September 11th, the 11 year anniversary of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, the American embassy in Libya was attacked and four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Stevens. A U.S ambassador had not been killed overseas since 1979! After this attack, the Obama administration had the nerve to call it a mob demonstration in response to an anti-Muslim YouTube for two weeks. Guess what? It was known within 24 hours of the attack that this was a pre-meditated, terrorist attack. So why did it take the administration two full weeks to finally recognize it for what it was? Because this is an ongoing cover-up by Obama. That is why Joe Biden lied in the VP debate about not knowing more security was requested, and that is why Obama didn’t even attempt to answer the who and why question during Tuesday night’s debate. Joe Biden said in 2008 Obama was not prepared in foreign policy and he was right. The president continues to highlight how he ended the Iraq war and killed Bin Laden, but won’t mention the truth about the Arab spring or the Libya attack.

These are all things you probably never heard on the news, and probably never will. That is why I must stress to not trust the mainstream media. They are bias and always give viewers misleading information. The mainstream media does not talk about these issues. The protect Obama by not mentioning the issues discussed here. If you trust CNN or NBC or MSNBC, then you are being brainwashed into their way of thinking. You want to know the difference between a liberal and a conservative? A liberal will tell you something and expect you to believe them without question. A conservative will tell you something but encourage you to find out for yourself if what they say is correct. Liberals demonize and bully people who disagree with them. Conservatives can present hard facts and valid arguments, without demonizing their opponents. Look, don’t even take my word for what you just read, do your own research. Find out the truth for yourself. Dig deeper and uncover the lies that surround Barrack Obama, or continue to be a slave and brainwashed by Obama and his liberal media friends.

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I just want to wake some people up about some things they do not know about their President so many willingly and blindly follow.

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Thank you! Finally... someone who is preaching it!


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