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October 4, 2012
By , Spring Valley, CA
Let's play a game.

It's called BEFE.

The rules are simple. There are four dice that are each color coded, representing the different directions everything can go. The first die, the yellow one, has six word options: blame, attack, ignore, belittle, pay, and overlook. The second die, which is blue, has infinitely many choices, but they must be nouns. The third one is white and has only two words printed on all six sides: for or in. The last die is black and it too has an infinite number of choices that must also be nouns.

The way the game works is you roll the dice in the order of yellow, blue, white, and black and whatever words you get, you have to base your judgements on them. For example, let's say I took my turn and got the phrase, 'Blame Dog For Homework.' In order to still be in the game, I would have to blame my dog for every homework assignment I didn't turn in, even if it was my own fault.

Get the picture?


Now you try.

First word: Blame
Second word: Politicians
Third Word: For
Fourth Word: Economy

'Blame Politicians For Economy.' Now you have to live your life blaming the politicians for the terrible economy, even if another group or multiple groups, or maybe none at all are responsible.

Let's try again.

First Word: Attack
Second Word: Government
Third Word: For
Fourth Word: Taxes

'Attack Government For Taxes.'


First Word: Ignore
Second Word: Children
Third Word: In
Fourth Word: Africa

'Ignore Children In Africa.'

Another round.

First Word: Belittle
Second Word: People
Third Word: For
Fourth Word: Appearance.

'Belittle People For Appearance.'

Try it some more.

First Word: Pay
Second Word: Money
Third Word: For
Fourth Word: Rules

'Pay Money For Rules.'

One more time.

First word: Overlook
Second word: Laws
Third Word: For
Fourth Word: Money

'Overlook Laws For Money.'

By now you've probably grasped the idea of how to play the game. You may also think that it is seemingly random.

It's not.

Although it may look at first glance to not have any specific order, it actually follows a strict format.



Whether we're consciously aware of it or not, humans play this dangerous, silly game every day of their lives. Sometimes it's correct, sometimes it's dead wrong.

And it's up to us to attempt to decide which is which.


You ready to play again?

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