September 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Editor,

America is going into further debt by the second; Immigrants who don’t pay taxes do not help this issue. How do we get beyond this? Close the door to illegal immigrants. Illegal Immigrants come to our country for a better life, and better opportunities, but they shouldn’t live in the shadows. I say immigrants should not come to our country unless they are legal. Illegal Immigrants are taking low skilled jobs from Americans, Causing Bigger, tax payer cost, and lastly they are setting themselves up for bad futures. America should shut their doors to illegal immigrants coming into our country, it’s time we start rebuilding America’s economy.
What if an illegal immigrant took a job from you? How would you feel? Illegal immigrants are taking jobs from 7% of poor Americans. Low skilled Americans who either dropped out of high School, or didn’t go to college have limited job opportunities. Illegal immigrants are taking those few jobs from American citizens and leaving the with nothing. Illegal immigrants are taking Americans jobs, or cutting their paychecks so they can’t pay their mortgage or other essential bills. Illegal immigrants don’t just take our jobs, they take our hard earned money as well. How is this possible you may ask? Immigrants take our jobs leaving us with little money. Illegal immigrants also don’t pay taxes so our government makes us pay more taxes. That’s not the only thing that happens, when illegal immigrants cross our border, they also take tax payers money.
Immigrants don’t pay taxes, resulting in tax payers having to pay more. Immigrants like to stay under the radar so they don’t get caught, meaning they don’t pay taxes. Immigrants don’t pay taxes which means tax payers have to pick up their slack which makes our money go down. Illegal Immigrants also use our welfare programs without paying for them which also makes our taxes go up. Immigrants should not come to our country unless they are legal like the rest of us.
By being an illegal immigrant, immigrants are setting themselves up for bad futures. Immigrants can only find work where they pay under the table, according to the Great immigration debate 25% of illegal immigrants become farmers,19% are grounds keeping, and maintenance, 17% construction, 12% food preparation and serving, and 7% of illegal immigrants go into manufacturing, and food processing.

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