Vietnam War

September 7, 2012
By Anonymous

The war in Vietnam did not help America or Vietnam it damaged both countries severely. The war in Vietnam was not necessary, and it should have been the last thing in Americans minds. Countless Americans lost their lives due to the war, and for what? What did Americans accomplish by killing innocent people and soldiers?

One specific reason why America should not have gone to Vietnam, is because of the countless lives were lost. At least 55,000 soldiers were killed at the start of the year in Vietnam. Imagine how many other soldiers died during the rest of the war. Imagine how many sons, and friends were gone by the end of the war. This could have easily been avoided if we hadn’t gone to Vietnam, and fought for something that wasn’t our business. But American soldiers weren’t the only people who died during the war; many innocent civilians were killed as well, including children. We ended up killing millions of civilians, mostly children. The children didn’t even know what was happening, I bet many children didn’t even know what communism was. So why did the children have to pay the price? They didn’t do anything wrong. “ you hide in your mansions while the young peoples blood flows out of their bodies” stats Bob Dylan in one of his songs ,Masters of war, that became very popular during the time of the Vietnam war. I think that Bob Dylan ment that the manufacturers of guns and bombs don’t care what their supplies are used for, as long as they get paid.

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