what we have is a gift. Why are you abusing it?

July 24, 2012
We are free to speak our minds in this country. i dare not penalize myself for exercising my rights. However, i only do so to speak for others. We experience so many things in this life we have ,but not all of us are blessed. some people live in a totally different world then me and other american citizens do. Some countries don't have freedom of anything at the top of their lists. Drug lords in Mexico have the Mexican government scared to make a change. They are afraid that their families will be murdered or kidnapped. Some Countries in South America haven't had a stable government since the 1700's. Immigrants migrate to the states in hopes to Escape the terror of their home countries; not to be a burden. You see our country like all countries has its faults, but we as Americans have rights others wish they had. China is a communist country; When the people of china began a nonviolent protest in the streets, they were ran over by military tanks =(. In this country that is our 1st god given right. The 1st amendment the freedom of speech,press,religion, and petition. We have had this "god given right" since dec. 15 1791 for 220 years going on 221! Now let me be clear I don't always agree with how some people exercise their 1st right, but I am no one to stop them. Now our countries Judiciary branch is nothing i can say I am proud of, corruption is a vile ;however it happens to the best of us. From what I understand every individual in this country deserves a chance to prove themselves innocent,"equal justice under law" from what i remember; but did u know that Muslim extremist believe in a law called shireal law. Freedom of religion goes with amendment #1, but in this case the man killed his daughter to obey his religion. Shireal law states that if the women is no longer pure she is a disgrace to her family. well When the man's daughter obeyed her religion and her fathers beliefs she was still raped. She was with a male while in public , she was wearing her veil, and being obedient. Yet, she was murdered by her own father, i respect their beliefs ,but to hear such a loss pained me. If she had been in her father's country her death would have been forgotten. The world around us frightens me. I'm scared for the millions of children that are sex trafficked around the world . I'm sad at the fact that the world largest sex traffic day is most american's most beloved day Superbowl Sunday. I'm sad because their are children Soliders. There are sooo many things in This country to be thankful for, yet not everyone understands that. I know the U.S. is very messed up on it's own , but we have it way better then most just remember that =(.

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