Dear Mr. Piers Morgan,

July 25, 2012
By Broken_Lover PLATINUM, Theodore, Alabama
Broken_Lover PLATINUM, Theodore, Alabama
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As I sit here and watch your show, I realize that the discussion of guns and the theater shooting is something that needs to be discussed. To me, if someone wants to buy a gun, then every gun store should do a medical background check on the customer, and if they have some sort of mental disorder that when medication is not consumed and in result causes that person to lash out uncontrollably, he or she should not be allowed to own a gun. Some people take the privilege of owning a gun for-granted, but there are those who use guns properly and responsibly. Most people (not particularly from the south) use guns to survive, as in hunt to put food on the table for themselves or their families. Some people also use guns for protection over their homes, children, animals, businesses, etc. Then there are those who use them to kill, injure, or get revenge. I do agree that those who use them for evil should not have had one in the first place, but what do you expect someone to do if attacked by someone else, or their home gets broken into while they are there? Yes, guns can be dangerous if not used correctly, but there are other weapons that people can use to kill, injure, or get revenge with. If you take away guns completely, the next thing you know people can use knives, forks, house hold items, or some simple thing that is just lying around. If that were to happen, then one day you may walk out of your home and see people beaten to a pulp, begging for food, or even worse than that. I agree that somethings must change, but do those changes have to be, dare i say, dramatic changes? Now, you may be thinking, " What would a six-teen year old know? " Well sir, this six-teen year old knows a lot more than what I should at this age.

I know that you may not care what some teenager has to say, but with all do respect sir, it is teens of this century that are mostly out on the streets, in a gang shooting people to get something as simple as money, or cigarettes. Again, I know you may not care about this letter, but it's how I, a six-teen year old, feels about the situation. Those who were killed in that theater...and their families will always be in my prayers.


Kayla, from Grand Bay, AL.

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Within this picture that I chose, lies a broken heart. The broken mirror represents the future, and the person standing in front of the broken mirror represents you, and me for what we will see in our future.

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