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July 25, 2012
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I don’t think that banning rifles are the best idea. People need protection, and if you take away rifles then you take away protection. And I know it’s going to be hard to not ban rifles after the Colorado incident but that can be resolved by more security.

If rifles are banned what will the police use in dangerous situations? In situations like a bank robbery, policemen are forced to use their rifles because their pistols are very effective at long range. The swat will also be affected. Swat only use rifles. What will they use? They can’t use pistols either.

Banning rifles would be useless anyway because people would still make them and sell them illegally on the black market. This will be a much bigger problem. I guess it can be compared to the prohibition when alcohol was banned. People would illegally make alcohol and have parties. This ban turned out to be a huge problem so the unbanned alcohol once again. You also compare it to modern day moonshine. People illegally make moonshine and sell it.

If they ban rifles what will hunters use to shoot their prey? Rifles are the main weapon of hunters. There are only a few other weapons that hunters use but those are all short range weapons and cannot reach the range of a rifle. The hunter’s rifle can easily snipe a target from 150 yards away. A bow or a shotgun will not even come close to that range.

If we obtain these weapons, let’s at least look at what all these shootings have in common. The perpetrator is usually deranged, mentally impaired, anti-social or under a lot of stress. Suspect James Holmes called himself “The Joker”. He also was a medical student which can put a lot of pressure and stress on you. People like this should be put away and not have access to things that potentially harm people.

If the government bans rifles it will not go well with the public, people will be mad and there will be more crimes than there was without this ban. It’s shown that there were more gun crimes when there was a ban in 1990s. The point of having guns is to protect ourselves against an over-reaching government, and let’s face it guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

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