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June 14, 2012
By SothernGirl BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
SothernGirl BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Who’s the all American superhero? The guy, or gal, who we just want to show up and give a speech on the Fourth of July? It could be Superman, the most classic of all superheroes. He’s got the red, white, and blue thing going on, minus the white. Or it could be the obvious answer of Captain America, the first Avenger. He’s got the name and the outfit going for him. Then there’s Wonder Woman. While she might not have a movie like Superman and Captain America, she is pretty American. Her outfit is red, white, and blue. And she’s got the whole girl power thing. Those are all the obvious choices. What about Batman? A lot of people say that he is better than Superman, which I have to disagree with, but would anyone want this gothic hero to be at an Independence Day party? It’d be a downer, that’s for sure. He has this whole tortured soul thing, and who wants that on a fun holiday? The grey and black would also be quite a downer compared to the bright colors. But you know what; I would love to have Batman at my all American party. Not because he’s the best superhero, but because Batman is America, figuratively speaking of course.

We live in an age where technology rules all. If we suddenly lost all power, we would be in deep trouble, much like Batman. Without his gadgets and gizmos he would just be a cynical guy living in a cave, which is frowned upon in today’s society. But in all seriousness, he and America share that quality. We both rely on technology. Without his technology, Batman wouldn’t be a superhero. He doesn’t have powers just like the rest of his Justice League friends. Maybe that’s why he’s so bitter all the time? And if in America we lost all our technology we wouldn’t be the most powerful country in the world. We wouldn’t even be close. Imagine that, no TV, no lights, no fridge, or (heaven forbid) no Facebook. We would be decades behind the rest of the world.

Technology isn’t the only thing linking America and Batman. Batman’s this superhero that everyone in Gotham City adores. Little do they know that he has his problems. It may seem like he has it all; He has got money, cool stuff, hangs out with the Justice League, and saves people. But he’s a troubled man. This is kind of like how America may seem just peachy on the outside, but once you get in the mind of America, we’re a troubled people. We may be the most powerful country in the world, and to other countries we may seem like we’ve got it all. We do, however, have our problems. We’re however much money in debt, we have a high percentage of unemployment , there’s controversy on stuff that people shouldn’t care so much about, and we can’t seem to agree on who should lead our country. So we’ve got problems, just like Batman.

On the outside it might not seem like Batman and America are alike at all. One’s dressed in black and is really gothic. The other has a bunch of bright colors. But appearance aside, we’ve got more similarities than differences. So next time you need to call on a superhero to speak at your Fourth of July party, check out Batman. I’m sure he’ll be free.

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If you can think of any other similarities I would love to hear them :)

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