Presidential value

June 16, 2012
I'm in the white zone when it comes to voting, my opinions on who need to be president depend on personality, the way they deal with things, loving nature, caring, and hope for our country. now i know many people don't like Obama but he was put into the white house with a pile of s*** left behind from other presidents, not to mention most of the congress are greedy and self centered . people should start asking why and looking at what they have to deal with before coming to a conclusion. it doesn't matter on the color of your skin, the look in there eyes or the stubbornness. as long as they have good whits, selfless reason, and a good knowledge to decide what's best for the American people. there are always going to be mistakes but that is what makes us stronger. and no mater what there always will be, you just have to make the best of what you got and hope for tomorrow.

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