Farms Dissapearing In America

June 7, 2012
By Johnny Farash BRONZE, Sand Lake, New York
Johnny Farash BRONZE, Sand Lake, New York
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Have you ever heard of the old days in America when every family had a farm to work on?
Do you remember your grandparents old stories of working on their land to support their families? They would speak of doing what all Americans did since the 1700s when America was created, and that was farming. All is the same in America except for one thing, farms are disappearing, and they are going quick. In fact, they are going so quickly that studies show that every two minutes an acre of farmland is being sold to a development. This a very bad problem and something must be done about this issue.

The problems only get worse by the statistics. From the peak of farming in 1935 to 2001, the farm population went from 6.8 million to 2.1 million and it just keeps getting worse and worse every day. The reasons for this can vary. Every American knows that a farmer isn't treated equally in finance, which is very bad, but the main reason why farms are disappearing in America is because of the children. Lets face it we know that children these days don’t want to farm, they would rather be baseball players or anything like that. Children are not what they used to be. Back in the 1920s the farm children would do what their parents did, work. Now they are texting all day, playing video games, and other things that does not involve physical labor. Because of this old farmers are forced to retire and sell their farms to developments. This issue must be fixed and here are some ways to fix it and why they must be saved.

First off , farms are a very important part in both our economy and ourselves. It’s important to us because without food we die of starvation and everyone knows that is not good. It is important to our economy because it creates small business. Small business is extremely important to our nation's economy. Small business also also gives 80% of jobs to unemployed Americans. If finance is an issue for farmers here's how we can fix it. Its plain and simple just give farmers tax rebates so they can afford to live. We all don’t want our homes taken away by the IRS so why should farmers homes be taken? Kids are a big part of getting farms back here is how we can get kids into farming.

Some ways we can do this is by getting this issue fixed in our schools. What we could do is create a unit of farming in science class. That way kids could get a little bit of an idea what to do if they don’t have a farm. We can also open up farms for tours of some sort for kids to look at. What the government can also do is charge less and promote deals for agriculture school or make it a requirement for graduating college. This will either go two ways; they might hate the unit or might love it and get into buying land when they are ready. Either way they are forced to learn about it. These changes can make a difference in our country.

Farms disappearing in America is a big issue and people don’t realize how serious it is. We as the people which means we as the government must save farms and create them before a very important part in America is gone. Farms going in America means, starvation and bad economy. So farms are important we must save them.

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