Writing Project- Criminal Justice

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

The term “Criminal Justice” describes the want to provide protection for the citizens of the world as it pertains to the law. Criminal, meaning the nature of or involving crime, details the cause of why protection is needed. Justice, meaning the quality of being just or righteous, represents what is needed to be served in order to free the world of the “wrong doers” and keeping safe environments.

As a child growing up, my dad had a passion for wanting to understand the world of law enforcement. He would come home from work and turn on Cops or judge Judy and remain glued to the television. One day I actually sat down with him and watched a full episode of both Cops and Judge Judy. Watching the shows with my dad and seeing how serious they take their job made me excited and interested. This is when I began to fall in love with the law enforcement and criminal justice field and wanted to spend the rest of my life making a difference in order to make the world a better place.

I would like to start a career in the field of criminal justice because I feel that I would be a great addition to the community in terms of keeping it safe from harm. I am very well and able to mentally, physically and emotionally establish keen relationships with citizens of the world. The environment today needs young and vibrant police officers for better chances of putting criminals to justice. I believe that with me having both a spontaneous yet serious personality that I would be a perfect fit in the field.

As unfortunate as it sounds, the world will always have cirminals for the simple fact that there will always be good versus evil. There will always be a need for the people that are doing the right thing to be protected. Police Officers are meant to “Protect and Serve” the world. I would risk my own life any day if it meant that thousands of other lives were safe from harm.

The author's comments:
I would like to start a career in the criminal justice field.

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