Banned In North Carolina-Banned from the 'Freedom'

May 9, 2012
Yesterday the marriage ban on gay marriages was passed, declaring marriage legally in North Carolina-A state of the U.S.-is between one man and one woman. I just have to say, to all those who voted and to all those who didn't vote but was for the amendment-would you have voted the same if you had a loved one who was gay? Think, what if you had a daughter and you claimed to love her to death, you'd do ANYTHING for her...but she's lesbian...would you still vote for the amendment knowing that by casting that vote, checking 'yes' on the ballot that you're taking away her rights to marrying someone she would one day fall in love with? And that if she were to adopt a child, that child would have no medical benefits...your grandchild would be left dying in a worse case scenario because you voted-'Marriage is between one man, one woman.' Just something to think about.

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