A Dollar to Make a Difference

May 2, 2012
By Zeus113 BRONZE, Elk Rapids, Michigan
Zeus113 BRONZE, Elk Rapids, Michigan
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Poverty is slashing through the worlds population like a razor sharp knife. People left without healthy food, fresh clear, clean water, and the proper shelter. But it’s not just in developing countries, but in our states, countries and cities too. People starving and I bet your now wondering “What can I do to help prevent poverty?” If you take my advice then I hope you will somebody help someone out. If everyone every month donated a dollar to people in poverty, we could lessen it’s effect on people.

One of the benefits of giving the money is that the people in poverty can use it to help them get back on their feet. With it they can buy healthy food and a grill to cook it with. They can buy fresh water so they can stay hydrated and can live. After they have enough money, they can buy a house with the basic living needs including a kitchen, bathroom and beds. In my own class we could donate in one year $360 in cash and that is enough for at least a few families to afford some food and water. But if your thinking why should I, then pay attention and listen close.

The world know that if you are reading this you can afford a dollar a month. If you do, it won’t effect your financial situation when you donate. You also will know that you are assisting someone rise above the poverty line. After you donate, you feel a warm fuzzy sensation inside. When you help fight against poverty others will join in and just with a little hope we can eradicate poverty. So lend a hand and reach out to those in poverty.

You see poverty is growing issue and many families are suffering from it. But you can make a difference. If you all take my advise, we might be able to prevent poverty and the world will be thankful. Now go, take a stand and donate a dollar a month. I would like to thank you for your time and attention. And in conclusion again if every month we should donate a dollar a month to help eradicate poverty.

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