The Worst Man in History

June 6, 2012
By 16prashawl BRONZE, Averill Park, New York
16prashawl BRONZE, Averill Park, New York
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Joseph Kony is one of the most horrible people on the planet. He finds enjoyment in kidnapping children away from their homes. He has kidnapped over 24,000 kids from Uganda. He turns the boys into soldiers and the girls into sex slaves. What is wrong with him? We need to aid in apprehending him before he tears even more families apart.

Joseph Kony needs to be captured and punished for his crimes. He has been a monster since 1987. The boys he kidnaps are turned into war soldiers for his own personal aarmycalled the Lord’s Resistance Aarmy(LRA). He orders his aarmyto attack villages and murder, rape, and mutilate the villages citizens in his campaign to spread terror. His terror campaign has affected more than two million people. When Kony raids villages, is also where he kidnaps children. The boys are forced into his army. He even has them convinced that Holy Water makes you bulletproof. A lot of these boys are under 18 years old, they don’t know what to believe. They are also not capable to deal with the horrors and tragedies of war. There is no escaping once a boy is in the LRA. If he refuses to join the army, Kony kills him. If a boy tries to escape the aarmyand run away Kony forces his peers to beat him to death. Kony also forces many of the boys to kill their families and neighbors so if they do happen to escape they feel that the village will not let them return. Overall, Kony is just a plain horrible individual who destroys boys lives, but not just young boys lives.

Kony does not also kidnap boys during his terror campaigns, but also girls. The girls are not forced to be a soldier in the LRA though. They are forced into being something much worse and far more vulgar. Kony turns them into sex slaves. He orders the girls to have sex with random strangers, all so he can make a profit. They also can not refuse, or they are murdered as well. The girls are deprived of their innocence, and feel so used afterwards. They are practically being raped. Most, if not all, of the girls also have high chances of obtaining diseases such as AIDS or STDs. If the girls are not turned into sex slaves there is a fate much worse for them. They are made Kony’s wives. He reportedly has as many as 50 known wives. Just imagine that, being forced to marry the man who destroyed your life.

American Government must help to track down Joseph Kony. Other people disagree and say “Its Africa’s problem, not ours.” Those people who think that are obviously wrong. If we never help Africa in their time of need, how do we ever expect them to help us in ours? The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for Kony’s arrest in October of 2005. They just can’t track him down because he is hiding in Africa’s jungle areas like Uganda. Also, other people with a sick twisted mind like Kony’s could think that it is okay to do things like this because no one will do anything to stop them. We need to help set an example so we can lower the crime rates in not only America but the world.

America needs to help Uganda with tracking down Kony. Children are being traumatized and killed by this man. We have the technology to track him down, so why not help. It would also make America look good if we helped track him down. Besides, who’s saying that Kony doesn’t set up offices in America next?

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on Jun. 16 2012 at 9:40 am
ImperialEagle, Potomac, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Modern history is nothing but an inventory of bankruptcy declarations." - Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

Firstly, what are the sources for all your claims and statistics ? Are they from Invisible Children, a group which has been criticized by the Council on Foregin Relations for " manipulating facts for strategic purposes, and exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders."This organization has also been seriously critcized for proporting to be a human rights group, but turning a blind eye to the questionable actions of the Ugandan government.

As for America's supposed "moral obligation" to catch Joseph Kony, it is a simply impractical principle. The United States is currently in a very difficult financial situation, not to mention we are already involved in a very time,money, and lives consuming war in Afghanistan. Now is hardly the best time for a frivolous military adventure in Uganda, whose mere purpose would be to give certain self righteous members of society a " warm and fuzzy feeling inside." 


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