Space: The Final Frontier

June 5, 2012
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For my product, I decided to write this article in order to help share my information with other people. In this article, I included elements from my research as well as more opinionated information. I came up with these opinions through what I learned this year, and I hope that others will be shown a side of this matter that they had never previously known to exist. In order to share my article with others, I chose the website TeenInk. TeenInk is a website where teenagers may submit works of art and other literary pieces to be published online for others to read. Many teenagers read and submit to this site, and by submitting my article to TeenInk, a larger audience of teenagers interested in space travel will be able to hear what I have to say and learn from my research. This audience is an important part of what I hope to reach. Although there are many misconceptions about teenagers and how lazy and ignorant they are, it is impossible to deny the fact that teenagers are to be the future of the world. In 20 years, the people frequenting TeenInk and other teenage related sites will be the politicians, leaders, and CEO’s of the world. By reaching them now, it is possible to give them a better understanding of the world. Because they are at a young and still impressionable age, the opinions they generate now will stick with them for a lifetime. By writing this article, I am able to influence the future of the world through the future leaders of our nation.

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