From Ashes, A New Era

June 5, 2012
By tulhark96 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
tulhark96 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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History is often told as a chronicle of great nations achieving great things for themselves. Decades into the future, I see a current struggling nation having a chronicle of its own. A chronicle like no other, stating Pakistan the crowned glory of the existing world. I dream of Pakistan as a consummate country, a country in the ultimate state of perfection. Perfect in terms of Justice, Equality, and Liberty.
Abolished of corruption within its ranks, with citizens who have developed obedience to the law can really affect Pakistan positively. That’s because having an anti-corrupt government and people who follow the law not only enforces equality but also promotes peace and harmony. This will also speed up the progress of the country because with enforced law and no corruption, things will be done in a completely organized manner. I want this to be one of the roots that structure the Pakistan.
Pakistan also needs to consist of communities where everyone is welcomed. Equality and liberty are valued. I want there to be a society where no one is judged or discriminated based on their gender, religion, cast system nor their class; low, middle, or elite. Currently a good percentage of the violence in the country comes from people not being able to accept others into the community because of what they are or what they believe. It’s better to accept everyone into the society and respect them for who they are. This will ensure security and all the population will grow closer together towards a better future.
Qualities that revolve around humanity aren’t all that matter in a nation. Pakistan needs to be a strong political and economical power. Pakistan should influence politics around the world. Within the country, politics should be refined to a point where the whole world can be affected by it. Bribing, corruption, and all the violence that occurs due to politics annihilated. Politics in no means should be used as a tool to make money. Wherever you look in the world, politics is like dirt in water; we just have to purify it.
Economy is also very important. You can look at every civilization or great nation in history; they had a great economy and tended to have the most goods. There is so much in a country that depends on economy, unemployment for example. When the economy is down so many people lose their jobs and they have no access to health, food, clean water and for some of them even a shelter. Upcoming contemporary Pakistan must have a great economy because the lives of many of its citizens depend on it.
A brighter future also requires a lot of other necessities such as local facilities. It must be ensured that there is fresh clean water, shelter for those who can’t afford one and food banks that supply food to the poor. There also needs to be a good public educating system because each one us influences the future and without education, we will have nothing to contribute to it instead we will be a burden on the society.
In a broader sense, the evolved and perfected Pakistan should be a politically and economically strong nation that strives to provide Justice, Equality and Liberty. Taking the hardships the present has to offer into account; Justice, Equality and Liberty seem to only exist in heaven. But considering the historical complexion of our ancestors enduring the hardships of their time and making huge progress towards a better future for themselves, we learn to pursue the dream every Pakistani has dreamt, to make this pure nation the next “Center of Civilization”.

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