Home (Lost souls)

April 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Lost souls roam around this area we call home. Wondering and pleading where their loved ones are. Searching for shelter. Lost souls roam around this area you call home which isnt even part of your ancestors roots. I remember walking down the pavement on my way to school. beautiful sun shining day. I thank the Lord that he allowed me to rise. to live another day. I tell myself this is my country. my parents homeland. i will strive to it. i will forever protect it with my life. but look what you have done.. imprisonment in my own country. then being called terrorists. terrorists for being murdered. terrorists for being killed and shot by your people. What has my baby sister done to you so you can kill her? What has my poor father ,who works countless nights with no sleep just to feed us, ever done to you so you can beat him to death? this is our land. can't you see it? tomorrow we'll be free. all your money spent, all your work done is all gone into funds to guns and tans to demolish our people. murder us like we're a waste of human race, when we may be the reason you people are still alive! 66 years. 66 long damn years of being locked in our own country. Afraid if one of your soldiers plant a bomb on our front door. Palestine. Women and men beaten to death as their child stands before them, unable to cry as hes afraid if he might get shot. all he has is tears held back in his eyes and rocks held in his hands. he will rise. he will do whatever it takes to bring this country that he loves back to rite full state and position! Iraq. you apologize for invading our country. you apologize for for all the 116000 people killed. because of ammunition that you wanted. your words cannot change what has happened. your words cannot change the lives lost and the tears wept into our clothes. every family has a lost soul. a lost soul who roams around this area that used to be called home.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after one of my family members died due to this. i mean no offense to anyone. i had to write out my feelings. Its not an amazing free verse because it was a difficulty every word i would write, another tear would appear on my pages. please take this to consideration. and again, i mean to offense to anyone.

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