A Sign of Peace?

May 10, 2012
By Bryan Jeong BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
Bryan Jeong BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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The nuclear bomb is arguably the deadliest weapon in the world. There have been numerous restrictions placed upon the usage of this weapon by the United Nations. However, several countries have ignored these limitations and have continued to build and develop nuclear warheads. North Korea, being one of these threats, has posed a problem related to nuclear warfare in the past. Tensions had rose ever since North Korea conducted several nuclear tests and the world may have even been on the brink of war when North Korea made several threatening actions. As time progressed, citizens became accustomed to the concept that news involving North Korea meant negative news. This time, it may be different. Kim Jung Eun, having replaced his father, gave up nuclear development in exchange for food aid from various countries. The stoppage of nuclear development in North Korea will likely benefit the world.

North Korea has never been an ally of America and likely won’t be one for an extensive period of time. However, giving up on its nuclear development program will certainly ease the tensions between them. Dubbed as an “axis of evil” by the United Nations, North Korea has increasingly become isolated from the world. Its citizens do not know what is happening outside of their country at all and have become brainwashed by the government. When a new nuclear weapon program was announced by the North in 2006, the country became even further apart from the rest of the world. Under previous dictator Kim Jung Il, North Korea continued to conduct many tests and built up on warheads. Occasionally, they would also make threats to America about the capabilities of their mass-destruction weapons.

As time went on, the tensions got even higher between North Korea and the rest of the world. Kim Jung Il continuously pursued a deadly arsenal of nuclear weapons and there were numerous tests to test these weapons out. North Korea continuously committed outrageous actions that increasingly made countries dislike the communist country even more. Also, North Korea formed an alliance with Iran in order to support each other’s strive for nuclear weapons. It seemed that the country was beyond the point that it could abruptly end its weapon program. That’s when Kim Jung Il, an avid supporter of the nuclear program, passed away.

In a rapid turn of events, North Korea appointed Kim Jung Eun as their dictator and while he seems to be a younger description of his father, there has been a glimmer of hope within the dictator’s actions. North Korea suddenly gave up nuclear tests and proclaimed that they would no longer develop warheads. This was in exchange for an increasing need in North Korea, food. The communist nation decided to accept food aid from America, China, and South Korea for opting to give up on nukes. This is a vastly positive sign as North Korea has been considered a huge threat with its unpredictable actions. The world can only hope for more positive incidents related to this action.

Overall, a sudden action by North Korea has certainly helped the world in its goal for world peace. Yet, we must maintain a keen eye on this nation for suspicious activities. This is a great compromise and will benefit both sides. North Korea has been a threat and still is one. A change in dictator might have brought the isolated nation into friendlier terms with other nations. We must hope for more negotiations like the one done by North Korea and the United Nations.

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