How to Help Refugees and Amnesty Seekers Start a New Life!

May 5, 2012
By Pavan GOLD, New York, New York
Pavan GOLD, New York, New York
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Every year thousands of refugees seek amnesty, in an attempt to escape the fears that have haunted and damaged them back in their country. They seek new lives and a new beginning. Governments should be deeply concerned for the welfare of refugees and amnesty seekers that come into their country and should emphasize the need of social integration. Governments have to be aware that these refugees livelihood is threatened as they seek shelter in these foreign countries. I seek to create a UN committee to integrate refugees and amnesty seekers into acceptable countries with suitable means of aid and an economic future. Countries will want to fund this proposed UN committee as these refugees can be used by governments to better their economy when they are integrated into society, a so to say “investment.” As they will obtain jobs and will have to pay taxes like any other citizen. This committee will be able to distribute refugees and amnesty seekers to countries best suited for their needs. It will offer refugees a say where they want to go, and if the country they desire to go to is in agreement they will immediately be sent there to start a new life. Will offer information on political policies and cultural background for every country option, ensuring an informed decision. Encourages no official caps of refugees that enter the country, but has exceptions to countries with specific needs. In the case of over flooding of refugees in one single country, that country will have the ability to request a stem in the influx of refugees by redirecting them to other countries that are willing to receive them. This committee will request strict background checks to ensure no refugee that comes into the country has committed a crime against humanity such as terrorism and human trafficking (specifications of this law will vary state by state). It will emphasize the role of education into social integration by having UN officials advise the creation of camps to offer strong programs in language, business and craftsmanship, which will allow for better reintegration into society. Will call upon U.N. organizations such as the World Bank, as well as supporting countries and civilians to donate funds for the transport, shelter and education of these refugees. This committee will revolutionize the way governments bring in refugees and grant amnesty.

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