Understand The Life We Live

April 9, 2012
By , Ticonderoga, NY
I was a bully. I was a victum. I just sat there and watched. You have all heard it before how bullying works to the eyes of an adult. They try to teach us how to stand up for others but do they know how hard it is.
Teenage bullying was not the same as it was in the 90's, 10 yrs ago, 5 yrs ago, or even just last year. It changes just like tecnology, it advances, and it grows to a whole new level. Tecnology is also making bullying become harder to deal with.
How are we spose to help those people being cyber bullied. We can't confront the bully through a screen. Bullys today are using tecnology as a wepon against us. Adults keep trying yo tell us stick up for them, help them, but we just can't.
New devices being made each day are making teen life that much harder. Adults need to realize how much bullying has change and we need different kind of help than they did.

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