Super Bowl Editorial

March 30, 2012
By sNics13 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
sNics13 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Every year, millions of people watch the Super Bowl for more than just football. The interesting commercials tend to attract many viewers.

The #3.% million, 30 second spots in between the game are expected to be either humorous, dramatic, action-packed, or in any other interesting way.
However, this past Super Bowl of 2012 had a very upsetting and disappointing display of commercials.

There were only a few commercials that were actually attracting and/or humorous. Others were a clear waste of time and $3.5 million.

The returning product of Super Bowl commercials, Doritos, demonstrated humor once again. Doritos served for several laughs of people that could most likely, potentially serve their company and consume their products.

In one of two Doritos commercials, a cute baby was launched across a yard to snatch a bag of Doritos from his brother, who had been teasing him. The baby safely won the Doritos, and ate them, creating humor.

Many people were very into this ad. It was interesting and funny, attracting a lot of attention.

More companies should be striving to display funny commercials, as Doritos has.
The goal of the viewers is to see interesting or funny commercials during the event.
The goal of the company is to make money and persuade the consumers to purchase their product. Therefore, these companies should show the viewers what they want to see.
In doing so, the result will be money to their company.
People will notice their product if it is from a well-structured commercial. They would be glad to represent the product from a popular commercial, and show off the name brand.
Clearly, it is very important to have attracting commercials displayed during the Super Bowl.
The cost per slot is very expensive. However, if the commercial is successful, major profit can come to the company.
Also, not only do they make more money to the company, but they make the Super Bowl more fun for the audience. I love witnessing interesting commercials, as do most of the other viewers.

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