KONY 2012

March 30, 2012
By Drew Raymond-Flamand BRONZE, Blainville, Other
Drew Raymond-Flamand BRONZE, Blainville, Other
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I watched the KONY 2012 video at my school in my english class. We read many texts, watched many videos, did a research on it and discussed a lot about it. We did all we had to do to be able to make our own opinion about the whole situation.

When I just watched the video, I was sceptical and I think it's a normal reaction for a citizen whose begged for money to ask questions and informs himself to really knows if the cause's related to his values and moral ways of thinking. When I saw the smear campaign that the media and the Internet society were trying to do, I'm not hiding, I almost believe them. The more those dirty texts and videos were appearing, the most I started to find informations.

First of all, they're blanding everything. It's obvious and totally an automatic defense reflex to try to destroy something that we're suspecting to abuse, but it's not a reason to start blaming everybody, even Barack Obama for the incredible part of the campaign. The oil and all the stuff we found in Uganda can be take from other countries and even if Obama was really interest bu their resources, FINE. They're not able to develop it anyway! And I don't believe that this extraction will abduct children, abuse and make sex slaves little girls and force the soldiers to kill their own parents.

Second, believing what the medias are saying without asking questions is all as believing what Jason Russell said in his video at the first view. Listening to the criticisers, Jason's just doing it to gain money and travel. Giving money to the children shouldn't be taken literally. The youth and their parents don't need liquid money, they need infrastructures to live in, schools to educate children, help to rebuild the building's that've been destroyed! For that, the TRI members are working with a director, Mme. Jolly Okot, to reproduce her vision of what's really needed in Uganda. They installed a security system and at the latest news, since they did, no LRA activity was detected. And you have doubts about the Ā«helping partĀ»?

TRI is not trying to convince you that you can make a difference on your own. The thing is that together, WE can make a difference. The union makes the power, that's what you have to do, what WE have to do.

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