Childhood Slavery

April 17, 2012
By Anonymous

What I believe to be the biggest problem in this world is child slavery. Yes there is hunger and starvation, but you could make a case for this easily being the worse of the two. On BBC I read an article that told the story of a girl who was told she could work at a garment factory. Her family needed the extra money so she agreed. The woman that offered her instead took her to a brothel where she would be forced to be a prostitute. She refused some sexual acts and was beaten for it. Now if it was me I would definitely rather starve than serve as a prostitute.

We need to ask ourselves a couple of questions. Why and how are we letting this happen? We donate millions worth of food to the starving but what really goes into stopping these unspeakable acts? Are we really able to stop it? Only we can tell if we put our efforts in. We won’t know until it happens. You need to ask yourself if you would be able to be ok with children being soldiers, prostitutes, workers and slaves against their will. No one with sanity would be. Only you can prevent childhood slavery. We. Need. YOU.

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