Mitt Romney: The Most Qualified Man for the Job

April 15, 2012
Mitt Romney is said to be “the one to beat” in the 2012 Presidential election. He believes he can bring us out of our hard times with his economic plan and is always so clear on his positions… most of the time.

Romney made his views on many issues very clear at a press conference in Washington D.C. earlier this month, “Women should have the right to choose what they do with their own body… but then again I am pro-life. I also believe that there should be limits on how many donations my campaign and for that matter any campaign can accept… but then again I also think that the citizens of the United States should be able to fully support whoever they want to become President.” Romney has been called a flip-flopper several times, but it seems that he always knows what he believes in… at least sometimes.

Romney is very passionate about getting America out of debt and back on its feet again, “I want to reverse many of the economic decisions put in place by President Obama. I want to reduce income taxes for the wealthiest people because they should not have to help support the regrowth of this country – they already paid their dues when they became millionaires. I want to get the government out of business and let them regulate everything they do themselves, because look how well that worked when we left the banks alone… oh wait… I want to reduce spending in every area of government work, except for defense regulations. Bush had the right idea when he set our nation up as a war nation, and I believe that if we are going to grow we need more reason to fight a war. Doesn’t that make sense?” Romney’s economic plan seems like a sound way to help out the nation and get out of debt.

Romney knows what he is talking about when he references how the middle and lower class American citizens feel. He may have grown up in an extremely wealthy family, had every privilege in the world, attended Stanford University, and was a Governor, but up until the seventh grade Romney attended public schooling. He will never forget those days when he would sit down at lunch to his feast prepared by the cooks at his house and watch the other kids stand in line for mystery meat, it taught him so much about the middle class.

Mitt Romney is also the most enthusiastic candidate in the race this year. His speeches captivate his audiences and are very powerful. At the press conference in Washington D.C. earlier this month a whole thirty five people showed up to root him on with signs and all. Maybe his troubled background and ability to appeal to the common man is what makes him so riveting.

Romney has been called the voice of this generation. His always changing views, smart ideas for economic reform, aim to decrease income taxes for the wealthy, strong connection to the middle and lower class, and amazing presence on stage have made Romney a star and a front runner for the 2012 Presidential election. Again, Romney is the one to beat. Watch out Obama, Mitt Romney is coming at you in full force, wearing his flip-flop sandals and all.

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mikee1313 said...
May 8, 2013 at 9:17 am
id rather have him president then that idiot obama. obama has no qualifications for business and romney does that right there is a game tell me why would you want someone who has no qualifications for handeling a business. handle a governemnt hes not qualified romney knows what hes doing when it comes to money obama obviously doesnt.
BlueRain said...
Jul. 24, 2012 at 2:24 pm

I'm not really sure why you would want to condone his flip-flopping policy. How do we know what he really thinks? His he pro-life, like he is now, or is he pro-choice, like he was a bunch of years ago? It only proves that he would say anything just to get the vote. If his audience is pro-choice, he'll say he is too, but if it's the opposite, he'll change. He's a business man, he knows how to sell himself. That's all he's doing. If he has real opinions, we don't know what they are.

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