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March 27, 2012
By Philomath BRONZE, Howell, New Jersey
Philomath BRONZE, Howell, New Jersey
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The current Presidential Election has me worried. Worried for the fate of America. We are a country with an 8% unemployment rate and a Gross Domestic Product that is growing at a infinitesimal rate while our national debt multiplies. Gone are the days of affluence and prosperity, where America was the world’s producer. Our trade deficit threatens the very values of this country. A nation founded on self-reliance now cannot blow its nose without China supplying the tissue. We cannot drive to our jobs or the unemployment office without the consent of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. I realize that we are in the age of corporate globalization but the severity of American dependence on other nations is threatening not only our economic health but our national identity. Yet, instead of truly addressing these problems the Republican candidates for President engage in vicious attacks on one another and try to (falsely) label the incumbent a Muslim. While America fights a war for economic survival the Republicans, specifically Santorum and Gingrich, fight to demolish the wall that separates Church and State, a wall that was constructed for a very valuable reason. The issue of prayer in public schools or gays in the military should take a backseat to the ever worsening global economic situation.
The United States, while still in the midst of the Great Recession, still yields considerable economic influence. The United States is the still the world’s center of finance and high tech industry. Our GDP hovers around $14 trillion so forgive me if I do not want the person in charge of dictating the country’s economic directives preoccupied with dogs on car roofs. I want a strong leader will lead America into an expansion of the economy, whether it be a Republican or Democrat. I do not automatically lean left or right, I only seek the strongest, smartest leader for American and this election has not presented any candidates that fit that description. Hopefully, once the President-Elect takes office America will naturally right its course and not require significant intervention by the Executive Branch for I believe any of the current options for President would not be capable of leading this country back to prosperity.

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