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March 26, 2012
By Amanda McDonald BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Amanda McDonald BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Illegal immigration is a big issue for the country of the United States of America. What would you say if I proposed one of the solutions to this problem? It’s a simple thing called amnesty. It’s allowing illegal immigrants to apply and retrieve citizenship so that can receive the benefits of a social security number. Amnesty is forgiving people for breaking the law, and gaining permanent legal status in the U.S. Amnesty wouldn’t be depriving wages of the American people, globalization has already done that. Amnesty offers a solution, a chance, and self-sufficiency to millions.

One big amnesty factor is an act called the DREAM act. Each year in America, over 33 million people graduate from high schools and our offered the privilege to further their dreams and continue their studies. However, approximately 65,000 youth are not offered this because they are stuck with an illegal immigrant title, which doesn’t even allow them to join the armed forces or retrieve a driver’s license! The dream act would allow these people a 6 year long path to prove they are worthy of being allowed legal citizenship, and allow them to apply for a college degree or military service.

Amnesty, as people like to argue, does have its cons. People say that amnesty to illegal immigrants is unfair to people who have been here and have not broken any sort of law. This is a good point but amnesty wouldn’t just be giving it away and “thanking” these people for breaking the law, its 5-6 year long process to make sure these people have done and will do everything in their power to be a well-rounded United States citizen. People are also afraid of being over powered in numbers by illegal immigrants, but America has always proudly been a nation of immigrants. Amnesty is giving people a chance, and only making us stronger in numbers, not weaker.

Another issue involving illegal immigration is the newly passed law in Arizona. The law stated that anyone who failed to carry their immigration documents a crime and give police the power to detain them. Not carrying your papers was made into an official state crime, a misdemeanor. This law represents serious discrimination and racial profiling. Can you imagine, its 8:05, you’re supposed to be to work at 8:00, and you’re pulled over by the cops just because they “suspect” you may be illegal? They have no right to determine that and it’s a serious offense to the Hispanic community.

“Their stealing American jobs” is a common phrase among people who are strongly against illegal immigration. According to Francince Lipman though, a professor of law and economics at Chapman University, illegals contribute more too public coffers in taxes than social services. They invest and consume in American services and goods, bringing our economy more money. They also take low paying jobs most people wouldn’t want because they aren’t offered amnesty.

Amnesty is an opportunity, what America is known for. It will bring America more money by increasing the number of tax payers, not take away money. It will increase our military by allowing thousands the chance they didn’t have before. Amnesty will allow people who have nothing to be something. It’s a risky move for America, but I believe strongly that it’s a risk we should take to keep the saying “the land of opportunity” alive.

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