March 23, 2012
By Hlove15 BRONZE, Newfield, New York
Hlove15 BRONZE, Newfield, New York
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Prejudice. What does this word mean to you? To me it means hating someone for being them. These days people aren’t just prejudiced against people with different skin colors. If you’re fat, skinny, short, beliefs, etc. If you’re just a little different then society thinks you should be then you get discriminated against. Have you ever been bullied? I have. It hurts doesn’t it? I know it hurt me. Just because I was a little different, I wasn’t perfect or considered cool. Yes it hurt, but then I realized that there just doing it to make them selves feel better.

Recently in Florida a 17-year-old African American male, Trayvon Martin got shot. Now I'm sure you’ve heard about this and have your own opinion on it. George Zimmerman is saying that he shot Trayvon Martin out of self-defense and that he felt endangered. Now that could have been the reason but let me remind you the 17 year old was un-armed. There’s also the possibility that he was shot because he was of a different skin color. This is a recurring event that people need to be aware of. People of color are people too. We need to stand up and take action against bullying and prejudice.

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