March 21, 2012
By , Coram, NY
The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has been gaining so much political and media coverage lately it is nauseating. Now, in my reviews in the past of books and movies and video games, I voice my opinions because it is a free country so this will follow suit with this criticism of the #Occupy movement. It’s a JOKE. Regardless of what they are fighting for (something that they have not established yet) they have made NO progress in whatever great change they want. If you attempt to go up to them in person (which I have attempted in the New York movement) it won’t get through their stoned out heads (not an exaggeration. The park reeked of pot) so I propose a new method of dealing with this great annoyance: a twitter movement: #HeyOccupy. So here it goes… #HeyOccupy, Why don’t you try this:

Form a political party: They say to fight fire with fire (which is what I am doing) because it tends to work out. Now let’s say they form a political party, or better yet a national party for president. The third candidate will have plenty of support even if it is just to shut you up.
Get a job: Seriously. Stop complaining and find a job. If you look it is not hard to find one. I am a senior in high school and I can walk into a store and get offered one. Even if you’re “not employable” take advantage of the services at your local library to get employed.
Write to your congressperson: Or even better call them. Nothing gets through to those numbskulls like the threat of not being reelected. Why do you think SOPA failed?
Make Demands: Please. Tell us what we can do to get you from occupying traffic lanes and taking news time away from the important issues.
Be straight forward: If you want a communist government, just say so. Just don’t be mysteriously hypocritical. Don’t protest the bank bailouts and praise the bailouts of the auto industry. Don’t protest the G8 and say nothing when Obama meets with the leaders of socialist and communist parties of Europe.
Learn the Facts: The banks aren’t evil. Let’s remove them from existence and see how the world lasts. It wouldn’t. Also ever hear of the Phillips curve? If everyone in a society is employed it is bad for the economy. And stop blaming the bankers. It is partially the victims fault. If they read the contract they were signing and thought ahead none of this would have happened. And last stop complaining. Everyone knows you’re just upset because you weren’t handed a job like everything else in life.
So #Occupy do something constructive like any of the above suggestions instead of sitting in parks singing.

If your tired of OWS tweet #HeyOccupy and see if we can get through to them.

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