March 19, 2012
By , Las Vegas, NV
Vandalism, such as tagging or damage of property, has been becoming a serious problem in society. It has come to the point where vandalism seems like an everyday activity which has been creating problems for our government. Since vandalism is becoming a serious problem in our society, punishments like fine should be replaced with community service.

Despite people thinking that fines have a strong effect, these consequences are not really working. If fines were effect, vandalism would not be a problem for the state. For a fact, recently, Red Rock has been defaced with graffiti. The penalty for me, youth offenders, was around 10,000 dollars. Community service would be more effective because it can build character and teach a delinquent life lessons. Community service can give them time to think about what they have done and let them realize why they came to the thought of vandalism. In addition, community service would cost less money than paying for counseling and fines. Charging teenagers with service does not cost much money for the government. In Nevada, millions of dollars are out into fines, counseling, and jail for convicts; community service has more pros than cons.

Though some people would disagree and say that fines are better, service is more effective on juveniles than anything else. Adults can argue back and forth on why this idea may be a good or bad idea, but fines are one penalty where it would fall back on a parent. When teenagers commit and get caught for vandalism, they should be punished, instead of the parent. At least with community service, the vandal could spend their own time and not their parents. Also, adults may bring up the point that community service would have no effect and would conclude that it is just busy work. Community service does not mean that the teen would be always working to help the community. They could also be going to places where they could talk to other criminals and listen to any advice the older person may have. Juveniles would have a chance to think about what they are doing in life, and they get a glance of their future.

In conclusion, the state suggests that fines are the best solution for punishments, yet there are other sufficient ways to decrease the amount of vandalism. Vandals should be charged more with community service than fines due to the fact that it would have a positive effect on teenagers.

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