My view on communism

March 9, 2012
Communist governments have always failed when brought to a thousand people or more. There is supposedly an island that has a successful communist government but it is a very small island, maybe 100 people live here so yeah maybe it works for them because they barely have anyone there. The Marxist theory while smart and a great theoretical should work but has always failed has always failed. It has all the right idealities to work. How can this be, a good theory that doesn’t work when it should?
The beginning of every communist government starts off great. The country is prosperous and there are no unemployed. Great right? Yeah not really, this is a very brief period in which it gives the government its view of being ideal. The governments have always capitalized on this which has allowed them to live. After this period follows the true communist period.
The communists say everyone is equal and make it so. But, have you ever thought why Russia, Germany, Italy are no longer communist? It’s because while the people are “equal” they are not; for example the government officials make lots of money while say the factory workers don’t but all the factory workers get payed the same and have job security. This is not equality, the misery this type of government causes is equal amongst the working class though so in this aspect they are equal.
Let us take a look through history at some communist governments. Let’s take Russia for instance. After WWII they had a civil war in which the czar was overthrown and communism took over. As is the pattern they were prosperous at first, then as the system works the proletarians became poorer and poorer and they had huge inflation. As is its wont communism is not meant to be put in effect because while it may start out well and the theory sounds great the officials get corrupt and everything falls apart. But as it usually is the true motivation of the leader was unknown. Now why would this be? It is because if the people knew how these types of governments worked they wouldn’t have agreed or accepted Stalin’s successors. Starting to see the point?
The communist theory is an ideal balance between capitalism and socialism. It’s driven by the common man for the man. What’s the good of theoretic’s though? What do they do for us if they are no good when put into affect? We have all heard about Russia during the cold war, part of the reason this happened was because of them being communist and their leaders wanting power like most politicians.
Communism destroys the whole idea of I and me. There is no success unless it is as a whole. There is no such thing as the individual or individual achievement. How this works is say I invented something revolutionary; I wouldn’t get acknowledged for it, I wouldn’t get any special prize. Want to know what would happen? They would say the whole country invented it. I personally don’t mind to much if they want to say that the person invented it for the country that would be fine but alas no. Why try to go above and beyond when this is what happens? There is no longer any motivation after a while until a riot happens. This is part of the reason you constantly here of civil wars and riots happening in communist countries. No one is driven to try unless it is to try to regain their freedoms.

As history has proven humans don’t always learn from their mistakes. Even after many a failure people keep trying. What they don’t realize is they need to make changes to it if they want it to work; they can’t just fake it.

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