The Dollar's Master

February 27, 2012
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Its everywhere you go. Shops closing, businesses bankrupt. The small town value conquered by the WAL-MART dream. Save Money. Live Better.
We are swamped by the media, everyday since 2008, with news on failing markets; EU bail outs; entire countries going bust. Shared currencies worth little and million dollar assists becoming penny savers overnight. The economic crisis is here, and we (somehow) were not ready
All while, it would appear, the corporations make billions in profit and pay their executives millions. We’re all feeling the pinch? Really? The Wall street occupation didn’t think so.
According to the Wall Street Occupation web site, their fighting back against the richest 1% of the country. The “Multinational Corporations”. But is that wise? Is that right?
Lets look at what a corporation is. If you asked a common person on the street they might say “ a really big company,” and in a ignorant since their right, corporation do tend to be big but they don’t have to be.
If you asked a lawyer, they might say “a business venture jointly shared between 3 or more people”, their again ignorantly right but its not all the way there. Yes corporations are generally a co-operation between people, that’s how they started, and if you went back 80 years that’s all they would be.
If you asked a Politian on Capital Hill however, they might say “legally a corporation is two things, it’s a joint business venture between 3 or more people, but it is also more importantly an artificial person.”
That’s right, as far as the US government is concerned, McDonalds, Wal-Mart and Microsoft are artificial people. They have the right to sue, and people have the right to sue them. They have the right to borrow money and they have the right to be in debt. The can also own or sell any property for sale.
So, so far it would seem the “fat cat” agenda is correct. The “Fat Cat’s” on Wall Street do whatever it takes to make money, and if it’s a bad investment, they don’t take the fall. But here’s the funniest part. A corporation has a legal obligation to make money.
So Wal-Mart has to make money each year, as a public company some of that money naturally goes to the government. Wal-Mart is the largest companies in terms of revenue, $400,000,000,000 a year. How much of that goes away on tax?
By now, I’m assuming you see the point. A Corporations soul purpose is to make money, a law the government has made. If they don’t make money, then the shareholders may loose faith. They may even loose faith if they make less money. But if the law wasn’t there to begin with…?
This brings me onto my final point. There was once a experiment, where a man in Russia stood in front of a randomly selected door. He waited, and sure enough someone got behind him, and then behind him and so forth till there was a line. To make anything happen, you need public opinion, any president will tell you that. You want to point a finger, remove obligation and hate onto someone else? You want to return to small companies, town values and limited wealth? Why not start a snow ball on top of the hill and see how big it roll’s to. Why not start a rally and see how big it gets too? Think about that for a moment whilst I drink my tea.
Oh and one last thought, quickly before I leave. You cannot blame a man with a gun against his back. Goodnight.

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